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"I became Head teacher at Hamilton School in September 2013 and it is a privilege to work with our students, families and staff. Hamilton School is a primary special school. All of our students have a statement of SEN or an EHCP. All of them have a diagnosis of Autism. We have an exciting future ahead of us as a special school for students with autism and our numbers have increased significantly in a short space of time, we now have 121 students. We have aspirations to be an all age autism specific school. This may seem an 'improbable dream' but it is one that we are actively pursuing.

Our Self Evaluation as to where we feel we are at as a school is on the website alongside student progress data. There is also a lot of information about our curriculum, values and approaches. The staff at the school are incredibly dedicated and hard working. We are all trying to create a legacy from our work - an educational one, a cultural one and a physical one.

We keep our focus on learning and we have very high expectations as to what our staff and students are capable of achieving. When everyone strives for their own 'personal bests' great things can happen. That is what we are aiming for on a daily basis. I am restless about improvement and have a clear view about the future of the school. I want everyone to see Hamilton School as a great school where people work together to transform lives.

There are major challenges ahead for us; A declining budget, increased numbers of students and staff and the real challenge of teacher recruitment. Our Local Authority has faced huge budget cuts and that impacts on our work also. We meet these challenges with energy, enthusiasm and a spirit of hope. We are about to become part of a Co-operative Trust with 8 other Birmingham Special Schools and various other partners.

Please click on the link below, or on the front page of the website, to find out more about 'What We Stand For'. In the meantime, if you wish to visit us please make contact - we would be happy to hear from you."

Jon Harris
Head Teacher

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