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All students at Hamilton School must have a statement of special needs or EHCP whereby ASD is the primary need and which names Hamilton School as their education provider. 

In order to be considered for a place at a special school, children are assessed, in most cases at their mainstream nursery or school, by their teaching staff and an Educational Psychologist. Parents are consulted throughout and their views are carefully considered at all stages of the process. 

If all concerned agree that a place at a special school would be in the best interests of the child, parents are encouraged to come and visit us. A member of staff from Hamilton School may also visit the mainstream setting to observe the child and discuss individual needs. 

The final decision for the child’s placement lies with the SEN assessment service (SENAR). Once a place has been approved, Hamilton School will be named in the child’s statement and an offer letter will be issued by the school. 

The statement of special needs or EHCP is reviewed by parents and the school each year to make sure that the child is still in the correct school and is receiving the most appropriate help and support.

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