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The concept of ‘Britishness’ at Hamilton school

Our school is made up a range of different groups from different faith backgrounds and we are truly a multi-cultural school.  Our focus is on preparing our students for life in British society.  We have a clear set of values and an ethos that can be seen in our ‘What We Stand For’ document.

This collaborative document acts as a guide to how we conduct our day-to-day work and ensures that adults model the appropriate behaviour.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the concepts of ‘Independence’ and ‘Engagement’ and by actively developing these things with our students, through a series of practical steps, we are aiming to prepare our students for life in British society.  We have a coherent approach to SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) aspects of school life.  Religious Education sessions provide another vehicle to explicitly develop this aspect of our work.

We challenge students, staff or parents who express opinions that could undermine this approach.
There are a range of other things that we do through our day-to-day work that contributes to developing an understanding of ’Britishness’ and life in British society:



Rule of law

Individual liberty

Respect and tolerance

Religious Education at Hamilton

Religious Education in Birmingham is informed by the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus 2007. The Agreed Syllabus is reviewed every five years and was last reviewed in 2012.
We base our school RE structure and approaches on Birmingham’s Agrees Syllabus and adapt it to the needs and learning styles of each pupil. Due to Speaking and Listening Levels of our pupils and their additional needs; related to Autism, it can mean our pupils are behind or significantly behind mainstream peers. As a result class teachers adapted learning approaches and use the RE Plevels to guide the teaching and learning that takes place.

This offers some useful links and resources to inform teaching and learning.
New Modules (Introduced in Sept 2014) cover Religious Education within our “Understanding the World” curriculum. The Agreed Syllabus states : Pupils will be given opportunities to learn for a future in society by:

I – Learning from faith (Page 5)
II – Learning about religious traditions (Page 6)

Within the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus identifies these as Birmingham’s main religions: -  Baha’I, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Rastafarianism, Sikhism, have a brief overview, information and ideas relating to that religion and some traditions, that can be used by the teacher to focus the teaching and learning. The religions in bold currently have most relevance to our school community, but we do revise this as new pupils join our school. Our RE provision is also enriched and underpinned by our school approach to SMSC.

The school garden is an outside learning environment that provides endless opportunities to enrich and enhance the key elements underpinning RE and strong links can be made to the Agreed Syllabus KS1 P11/12. This is most active within the curriculum from Spring 2 through to Autumn 1. We are looking for ways to extend this by working with agencies such as Gro Organic.

Staff were consulted in relation to their own religions and the main festivals and religious days within their religion to share within our school community. Where appropriate, national and local events are followed and, if appropriate, attended. Visit to religious places of worship such as Churches, Mosques, Gudwara’s and Temples are arranged.


These happen as a discreet element of each classe's timetable. They are appropriate to the needs and abilities of each class. Certificates of achievement are shared with families.

School Events and Community Links

As a school community we annually have a large bonfire night to celebrate the autumn festivals of light and link this to Diwali (Sikh / Hindu) Guy Fawkes, (History and SMSC link) and Chanukah (Jewish). Friends from our wider school and local community are invited and local businesses also make donations to contribute to this event.

Christmas is celebrated within the school. An annual whole school production is held and varies in it’s content and level of Christian messages. There is again, a strong SMSC link and families and friends of the school come to celebrate the production. Due to the expansion of the school and the range of needs of the pupils we have a KS1 and KS2 production. A whole school Christmas meal offers the chance to invite school stakeholders to come and celebrate with the pupils. Each class arranges celebrations with the pupils.

Summer BBQ is a weekend event held in the school where we celebrate with our whole school community. The Garden is open for families to see the work and garden in process.

Leaver’s Assembly and Graduation (SMSC Link) is a celebration of achievements and a farewell to our Year 6 Pupils.
Birthdays and significant life events are a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to share and celebrate with peers and school community. For birthdays, families often support the classes with ideas for their child and every effort is made to make sure every pupil in the school has their birthday acknowledged and made special. Other life events of pupils and staff are also celebrated as appropriate within the school community.

Whole school celebration in our school and local community that have an annual curriculum focus.





Other events and celebrations

Shrove Tuesday
Ash Wednesday
Mother’s Day

Ramadan and Eid Al Fitar
Haaj and Eid Al Adha
5 Pillars of Islam


Guru Nanak’s Birthday
Guru Gobind Singh and Five K’s


Birthdays and significant life events
Chinese New Year
New Year
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Saints Days
Queen’s Birthday
Black History Month


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