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Engagement at Hamilton School is embedded within our school ethos and curriculum big picture. We are continually striving to ensure every child is reaching their full potential with learning opportunities that create the right environment for our students.

The Engagement Profile and Scale created by SSAT (The Schools Network) will be used at Hamilton as a toolkit to target a number of our students to ensure all of their learning needs are being met and progress is being made.
The Engagement Profile and Scale is a classroom tool developed through SSAT’s research into effective teaching and learning for children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities. It allows teachers to focus on the child’s engagement as a learner and create personalised learning pathways. It prompts student-centred reflection on how to increase the learner’s engagement leading to deep learning. By breaking down ‘engagement’ into seven elements – awareness, curiosity, investigation, discovery, anticipation, persistence and initiation – the Engagement profile and scale enables teachers to actively personalise activities for the student in a way which will invite their engagement. It allows them to explore such questions as: ‘How can I change the learning task to stimulate Robert’s curiosity?’ ‘What can I change about this activity to encourage Shannon to persist?

Please click on the link below to see how Hamilton School will use the research and findings to enhance our students learning experience.

Please find more information regarding the Engagement Profile and Scale at http://complexld.ssatrust.org.uk/






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