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E-Safety for Parents and Carers

It is very hard to provide written advice that will be suitable to all of our children. If you wish to discuss strategies for your individual child, please contact Simon Cordon (scordon@hamilton.bham.sch.uk) or Sarah Clark (sclark@hamilton.bham.sch.uk) at school. Further information is available at the National Autistic Society.

Different Areas of E-Safety
    Growing Up
    Keeping Up With Technology
    Privacy Settings
    Online Risks

    Talking to People

    Using a Mobile Phone

Get Your Free Filter Turned On

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a free content filter. Call your ISP today to get yours turned on.

BT | MyBT (Log into MyBT > Parental Controls)
Tel: 0800 111 4567 (Free from a landline)

Virgin Media | Virgin Media (Log in > My Apps > Web Safe)
Tel: 150 (Free from a Virgin Media landline)
or 0345 454 2222

TalkTalk | HomeSafe (Accessed via your TT Homepage)
Tel: 0870 444 1820 (Free from TalkTalk landline)
or 0203 441 5550

Sky| Broadband Shield (Login with Sky ID account)
Tel: 0800 432 0200 (Free from a landline)

For protection against viruses and malicious software, you should install free anti-virus software. Options include AVG, Avast or Avira.



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Childnet International
iOS Guided Access (IPad)
Parental Controls National Online Safety UK Safer
Internet Centre

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