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2MJ in the Garden

Today was a typical rainy day, but we were all keen in 2MJ to get out in the garden to carry on working on our class bed.  So we decided to wear our coats and wellies.

We had two jobs to do . 1st job was to join three canes together using rubber bands or pretty gift ribbon. This was to make tripods for peas to grow up. We planned this on the classroom on the IWB first.

Our 2nd job was to make some seed packs for the peas. Mrs Wake had listened to Radio 4 Gardening program and they gave her a good idea. This was about sowing seeds into small bags of compost, watering them and watching them sprout. Then planting them out. This stops birds or mice eating the seeds in the soil. We will let you know how this goes. We made 8 seed bags and 6 tripods.

We will keep you posted with the progress.




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