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Once every half term Hamilton School holds a parents/carers meeting. This is on a Tuesday morning. It starts at
9.45am and ends at 11.30am. We have tea, coffee, and biscuits. We discuss everything from sensory issues to home learning to taking your child to the supermarket. We look at places you can take the whole family and we get your input on upcoming events and what you would like to discuss at future meetings. We have guest speakers that come to discuss specific things. We have plenty of time to chat so you can ask us and each other any questions that you may have. Look out for the flyer in your child’s home school book for the next meeting


All meetings held upstairs @ 9.45am

Tuesday 8th October
Tuesday 11th February 2020
Tuesday 16th June


Parents/ Carers Meeting

It was good to see so many new faces at our first parent’s/carers session back after the summer break!
During this session we discussed a variety of topics, including, what is to come for the school year and what is available for parents/carers during these sessions.

We firstly discussed workshops that we run throughout the year and are available for all parents/carers to access, these include: toileting, communication, home learning, sleep, sensory processing and attendance. Please look out for the flyer in your child’s bag.

We also discussed a new section which will be up and running soon on our website about supporting the whole child. Within this section information, advice, support and printable resources are provided on a variety of topics which many parents/carers have concerns with. These topics include: getting a haircut, going out, going to the doctors, going to the hospital, opticians, sleep and autism friendly activities. We are expecting to have it ready by the end of the autumn term.

As Hamilton School is now an established charity, during the parents/carers meeting we met Tonia, our business manager. Tonia, spoke greatly of the exciting events Hamilton School has done to raise money, for the amazing facilities at Hamilton School and yearly fundraising events, which include, Christmas fare, spring fare and summer fare. So please look out for the flyers!

During your child’s time at Hamilton they are provided with a range of activities, sparking their interests, these include: Lego club, role play club, computer club, transport club, WBA sport club, story club, dinosaur club, board game club, sensory club, singing club, dance and gaming club. If there is any club you feel your child would be interested in, please write it in their home school book.

Finally, we discussed Hamilton’s new project, story time on our YouTube channel. This offers children to listen to a variety of stories read by Hamilton School staff and parent/carers. If you are interested in reading a story for our YouTube channel, please contact me.

Thank you for attending and continuing to support these parent’s meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the next parents meeting on the 13th November 2018, please look out for the flyer in your child’s bag. If there are any particular topics you would like to discuss in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Sarah Clark



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