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Hamilton School Policy for Pupil Premium

This money is used to support the overarching mission of the school which is to be ‘a great school where people work together to transform lives’.  All of our students face a level of disadvantage in terms of their disability and will also benefit from this funding as well as those technically eligible for pupil premium funding. 

It is not as simple as saying that one intervention will always directly link to one outcome and in order to improve things many different interventions come together.  The funding is proving to be invaluable and having a positive impact on our students in a number of ways.

In the financial Year 2018-19, the school received £85,800

The focus on expenditure was as follows:

In the financial Year 2017-18, the school received £81,840

The focus on expenditure was as follows:

In terms of data analysis there is very little difference between the progress made by the students who are eligible for the funding and those who are not.  We are striving for all students to make great progress in a range of areas.  Students are benefiting from a wider range of experiences both inside and outside of school.  The funding is playing a significant part in improving the quality of our provision and learning.  We track, at individual student level, how students are benefitting from the range of expenditure. 

Our SEF (in the policies and information section of our website) gives further details

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