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Hamilton School Policy for Sport Premium

Access to sport and physical activity can be very challenging for our students and families.  There is a lot of evidence about the importance of exercise for students with autism in terms of lowering stress levels and hence improving learning.  We are aiming to improve fitness levels, increase participation rates and also help to develop hobbies and activities that can be developed outside of the home and involve other family members

It is not as simple as saying that one intervention will always directly link to one outcome and in order to improve things many different interventions come together.  The funding is proving to be invaluable and having a positive impact on our students in a number of ways. 

For the financial Year 2020-21 the school received £17,137
The ongoing pandemic has had a huge impact on our sporting provision with many of our long established, and regular activities, being postponed.  This contributed to a larger carry forward from 2019/20 (£9666.00).  We have developed more creative plans and are keen to resume our work with partners when it is considered appropriate.  

The focus of expenditure was on the following areas:

We have a formal partnership agreement with The Albion Foundation which continues to have a positive impact on both parties and has doubled the amount of PE support that we provide. It also supports after school provision on Friday afternoons for those who need it.
We now also work with The Aston Villa Foundation and this has helped mitigate some of the adverse effects of us not being able to take the students out to organised activities.

Key Indicators

The Albion Foundation and The Aston Villa Foundation provide specialist PE lessons for every class each week.  This costs a significant of our SP allocation.  The goal this year was to provide activities which every child in school could participate in and this has been achieved.  Other PE sessions are run by staff and to be sustainable we are working with the coaches to up- skill up these staff.  The Aston villa Foundation have provided adaptive physical sporting sessions but also provided sessions to some students in emotional wellbeing and healthy lifestyle as part of the boarder P.E curriculum

The school received a Top Cycle Location grant from Birmingham City Council and now has two bicycle shelters and a set of balance bikes.  Three staff regularly cycle into work now.  The staff well being sessions which are held once a half term always have a keep fit element and more staff are recognising the importance of good health and fitness to being well at school, for themselves and the pupils.  We also have Well-life who are working alongside our OT to provide pre-P.E sessions.

Shadowing The Albion Foundation staff has led to increased confidence and knowledge.  This happens at the Portway Centre which is a specialist centre for children and young people with SEN.     One teacher is leading on Ready, Set, Ride in partnership with HSBC and British Cycling and this has involved learning new teaching strategies.
Broader range of sports and activities offered
We already provide a wide range of sports and fitness activities.  We have purchased a table tennis table.  We have reviewed using the trampoline park and will find alternatives this year.  The sessions at Portway cover general physical literacy in specialist facilities which offer a safe and stable environment.  There us a life trail, a sensory room, a sports hall, astro turf and soft play facilities. 

Increased participation in competitive sport
This has been largely restricted to in school activities.




C/fwd from 19/20



20/21 Allocation



Albion Foundation



Aston Villa Foundation






Additional swimming



Sports Occupational Therapy



Outdoor Games



Cycling items



Travel to swimming and portway






Sub Total



Carry forward to 2021-22


Swimming and Water safety

It is impossible to accurately predict the level of swimming ability at the school given the very limited amount of formalised sessions that have taken place in recent times.  Our students need a high degree of support for changing at swimming and these conditions are not considered safe enough in terms of managing our response to the pandemic at the moment.

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