We provide an education for some of the most vulnerable children in our society.  We always strive to provide a truly enriching, exciting and magical education for all our students and we recognise that this goes beyond the classroom.  Learning outside the classroom, both formally and through less structured times, can really benefit our student’s self-esteem, worth and understanding of the world around them.

All of the companies below have kindly supported our efforts helping transform parts of our site to feel more warm and welcoming places for our youngsters to be.


We would like to thank Amey for the community work undertaken here at Hamilton School.  They did a fantastic job clearing all overhanging greenery from our site fences and also prepared the areas for our bikeshelter and outdoor gym.


Thank you for you support!

Lloyds Bank

We have set up a good link with Lloyds bank and we have hosted teams of volunteers in May, August and September 2019 so far!  They have all done amazing work to our outdoor and indoor areas.  As you can see from the pictures below, the spirit of transformation is clearly evident!  This work will help us to meet the needs of our students even more - and make life a bit easier for staff!  Thanks to all the volunteers but especially Helen, Lauren, Michael, Mark and Danielle for co-ordinating the work.  We look forward to this partnership developing in the future.


Thank you for you support!



Thank you for you support!


We would like to thank ‘The Plumbing, Bathroom and Heating Manufactures, Merchants and Plumbing & Heating Contractors along with organisers Steve Jones Honeywell and Paul Massey at AKW’ who supported Hamilton School at a recent Golf Day and Auction in the West Midlands and Worcestershire region.

We will be using it towards purchasing PE equipment for the new outdoor area.

Thank you for you support!

RBS - Part of the Natwest Group

We would like to thank RBS for the community work undertaken here at Hamilton School.  They did a fantastic job working on our outdoor areas (in the rain).


Thank you for you support!


We would like to thank DWF Law for the community work undertaken here at Hamilton School.  The music wall has been a big hit. It’s made a big difference to the play area (the sensory wall is great too!)


Thank you for you support!


In the world we live in now projects like these are truly appreciated as we have ever tightening budgets to work within.  This shows the best side of how community cohesion can really contribute to developing part of our legacy to have a site which will serve the youngsters of our community for many years to come.


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