The Speech and Language Therapy staff at Hamilton are a team of four; consisting of one Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) and two Speech and Language Therapy Assistants (SLTAs).



What is the role of the SALT Team at Hamilton?

We work with the children alongside their teaching staff and parents to support them in developing their communication skills to the best of their ability.

We assess and provide advice and therapy for

children who have difficulty with:

· Understanding language

· Using language

· Producing sounds or have a stammer

· Use of AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)

· Social communication



How will my child be identified for the service?

On entry to school parents are sent a consent form to sign and return




On receipt of the consent form your child will be assessed and a communication profile completed. This will identify communication strengths and needs and identify objectives for communication work   






Each child will receive an SLT intervention with the team that best meets their needs. We also support identified classroom communication champions with training and resources to ensure that interventions can continue throughout the week and curriculum. Communication progress is monitored termly using data from direct interventions and from reports from classroom staff.






What interventions might my child be receiving ?

Here are some interventions your child may access to develop their early communication skills:

¨ Intensive Interaction

¨ Picture Exchange Communication System (P.E.C.S)

¨ Attention Autism

¨ Sensory Sentences (Symbol supported sensory play)

¨ Colourful Semantics    


Here are some interventions your child may access to develop their understanding, vocabulary, sentence building and social skills:

¨ Language groups  - understanding and using language

¨ Lego–based Therapy

¨ Word Aware

¨ Language for Behaviour and Emotions

¨ Social skills group

¨ Talk for Work


If a child is found to have needs which can not be met with any of the above interventions, a specialist service can be provided. Specialist needs may include speech sound difficulties and  use of alternative and augmentative communication systems/devices. Children on the specialist caseload will have their needs addressed by way of an individual program of work completed by the class team.


Plans for parent Speech and Language therapy support at Hamilton



· Communication Profiles and progress is shared with parents .







· Information on different speech and language approaches will be shared with parents.



· Parent workshops will be put in place as a chance to learn more about speech and language approaches and to ask the speech and language therapy team questions.



· Information will be shared in the school newsletter with updates about the speech and language therapy service at Hamilton



· The SLT team are ready and waiting to help you with resources and ideas for supporting communication development at home, please get in touch                           



Useful Links and Information

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