Hamilton is bidding for funds to increase our sensory provision for our wonderful children!

Refurbishing the sensory integration room with lots of new appropriate equipment for the children to help them to regulate, including a projector system to encourage them to interact and communicate.

We as a school are wanting to develop and grow a sensory garden in the old caretakers garden that will allow children to touch, feel smell and taste a selection of sensory plants

Trim trails are great for developing balance and coordination and helps the children to get proprioception feedback to help the children regulate themselves. We plan to install it in the retired caretakers garden

An outdoor pod would be situated in the outdoor garden area, to be used for some one to one sensory integration work or a library , there are many things we can use it for   

A water area in our garden for the children to have fun expressing themselves, using tactile and visual senses.      



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